Protecting Your Employment Law Rights

You know that you have suffered an employment law violation, but knowing what to do next can be difficult. It may feel like an impossible challenge to obtain justice. When you take your complaint to human resources, the response is often less than satisfactory and may be ignored or brushed aside. You have a right to have your claims addressed, and the complexity of these matters often demands you have your own attorney to protect your rights.

Here at The Law Office of Terry J. Chapko, we handle employment law cases to help employees seek compensation and justice. Without an experienced attorney, employers will often make inadequate offers of compensation. We can help you seek justice with our decades of experience on both sides of these cases.

Your Case Merits An Investigation

You may be unsure whether your situation deserves the attention of an attorney. While employment law does not ensure you have a perfect and stress-free workplace, violations of employment laws occur every day, and our attorney can review your facts. Contact us if you have experienced anything involving:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Sexual harassment
  • Disability discrimination
  • Retaliation in the workplace
  • Whistleblower rights violation
  • Wage and hour violations (including unpaid overtime claims and wage theft claims)
  • Discrimination

Determining if you have a viable case can be difficult, but we can help. Our decades of experience in the San Diego area have developed a positive reputation with courts. Our attorney’s experience also means we understand how an employer’s defense team may approach a case. This allows us to better develop case strategies and achieve better outcomes for you

Don’t Wait Too Long

There is limited time to file an employment law claim cases, and if you wait too long, your claim may be lost forever. Our attorney can discuss your facts and ensure that your claim is filed on time.

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